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The capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam, is one of the key transportation center including airport, highways, and railroads. Actually, there is an airport in Amsterdam in which a couple of plane crashes happened and killed many people. Zanillya, a woman who lived in Amsterdam for 11 years, introduce a part of Amsterdam, Bijlmermeer, as a peaceful region with lots and lots of trees. She states that there are roughly 138 different cultures in the area. These different cultures, people and the foods are what Bijlmermeer is famous for. In addition, it’s a free place where diversity of people is well recognized. People can practice any religious beliefs. Zanillya’s father, in particular, believes that these diverse religions are actually all one religion, so he has all kinds of religious items, including Buddhism, Jewish, and Star of Davis, at home. Furthermore, the vibe or free ambiance during the festival is so famous that many people visit Amsterdam. Zanillya likes music, poetry, acting, and a variety of entertainment. Her dad was an artist who wrote famous songs that had great hits as well. She likes to listen and make fusion music that combines 1970s discos, pops, world music, hip hop, and rap. The fact that her mother is Gypsy is one of the reasons she likes to make fusion music.
After seeing and listening to the description of Amsterdam from Zanillya, it seems to me that Amsterdam is a very free place where diverse cultures integrate wholly and lots of festivals take place. I liked the ambiance of liveliness of festivals where many cultures can be mixed together. In contrast, Republic of South Korea is a country without much diversity in cultures. Korea had stayed to have one ethnicity before the 20th century. As time passed and the globalization took process, more and more immigrants from foreign countries came to Korea. Some of them worked as teachers, others worked as employees in factories and most women got married to Korean farmers in the countryside or went to small restaurant to work as a waitress. As a result of these phenomena of globalization and immigration, the ethnicity became more diverse in Korea. Still, compared to other countries, the cultural diversity is very little. However, most Korean people are trying to be nice to immigrants and the number of immigrants is increasing constantly these days.
I’ve been living in the same town for 13 years. GwaCheon is a small, but very peaceful city to live without any clubs, with very low crime rate and a good system for children education. The good system for education is the main reason many parents with little children live in GwaCheon. For example, when I succeeded in getting admission from KMLA, the whole city congratulated me because the citizens were highly interested in education. There are four small elementary schools, two big middle schools, and four big high schools. I enjoyed my life in middle school because the educational system was very well-developed and it fitted well to me. Because Korea protects people’s right to practice religion freely, some people in Gwacheon believe in a heterodoxy called the God, the earth, and the sky. In the center of the city, there is a big temple for the religion where people pray and practice their religion. Many catholic and Christian churches exist, as well. There is also a Buddhist temple near Mt. GwanAak. I do not believe in any of the religion, so I’ve never been to any of them. Next to one of the Christian churches, there are the city municipal office and the national government building. It takes 10-minutes to get there from my house.
There is a small hill right in front of my house where many people climb for exercise. There are many different kinds of trees. I used to go there every day when I was young, but it’s not easy to do so these days because I became so busy studying. The residents in my apartment can enjoy not only the hill and the trees, but also the markets located next to the small hill. It’s easy for people to get items they need. I can see the hill when taking a rest and lying on the sofa in the living room. I can also watch television through huge TV screen on the wall. There are a few dusts on the air conditioner next to the TV. It seems like my family hasn’t used it for several months. In the middle of the living room, there is a small table which has nothing on it but a vase full of flowers. My family and I usually take time together talking on this table.
I spend my private spare time in one of the rooms, a small room where there are a desk and two bookcases standing next to it. I see a bunch of books stacked on my wide brown desk. Those books include Death of a Salesman, Great Gatsby, and The Color Purple. Behind the desk lies a black chair in which I can take a rest while studying. This is my room where I can spend my private spare time. The thing I like the most in my room is bed which has a big yellow pillow with teddy bear pictures on it, and soft comfortable quilt.
My bed and the trees near my house best represent me because first of all, the word comfort among many different characteristics best represents me. I am a person who can make others feel comfortable when they are with me. I listen to their secret problems and make good advice to them, and I believe that my bed and I have the characteristic in common. In addition, I love trees and the environment. No one can cast doubts on my love for the environment and effort to preserve it. In order to preserve the environment, I became vegetarian and enrolled in clubs to save the environment. Therefore, I believe that my bed and the trees near my house best represent me.

Here is the presentation I made about myself.

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