Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome to Out Our Windows

Out the cafeteria window at KMLA

Hello Minjokers,

After all the hard work you've put into your essays and presentations, it is now time to share your efforts with the world.  Your work is impressive, so there's no reason to keep it hidden on a piece of paper.

Please upload the second drafts of your essays as a "new post," adding photos, videos, and hyperlinks to bring your words to life.  This will be graded, and considered your "final draft,"  and the "major project" of the semester.  Accordingly, upload or link your Presentations. 

When everything is uploaded and looking presentable, I'm going to share this blog with the NFB producers. What happens after that?  Who knows.  But it's worth a try!

Since this is a shared blog among all students in 11B4 and 11B5, you will have to know the password and email sign in.  Here they are:

PASSWORD: kmlakmla

For Prezi presentations and YouTube videos, you can embed them by copying the "embed" html, and pasting it into the "Edit HTML" tab in the Posting menu.  Prezi should end up looking like this:

Please upload as soon as possible, and comment on each others work.

Thanks for your fine efforts! :)

Mr. Garrioch

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  1. Mr. Garrioch! It's Kat Cizek here, the director of the National Film Board of Canada's HIGHRISE Out MY Window project.

    Congratulations on an amazing site! Is it possible to speak with you over skype early next week? I would like to profile your students' efforts on my blog. My email is

    Many thanks, and looking forward